Basics of Intraday Trading - Level 1

(Intraday School)

Language: Hindi

Instructors: PaisaToBanega


Why this course?


This course is designed for the people who are serious about Intraday trading and want to make serious profit from Intraday. You do not need any prior knowledge of Intraday. You do not need any financial background. 

We are real-life traders and investors. We know what questions Intraday traders would have. We know the challenges that Intraday traders face. So we have designed the entire course practically and truthfully. 

We believe in COACHING instead of TEACHING. In order to achieve your goals in your life you need a coach. We provide street smart knowledge rather than bookish knowledge.

To make sure you have a solid knowledge of Intraday trading we have designed two levels for this course – Level 1 and Level 2. 

Level 1 is completely FREE. Once you complete Level 1, all your basic doubts and questions about Intraday will be solved. We have covered solid foundation knowledge in Level 1. You can access this Level 1 from anytime and from anywhere. Level 1 includes 10 videos. 

Once you get the confidence then you can join Level 2 course. In Level 2, we will provide you with real life tried and tested Intraday strategies with risk management system. 

This course is taken by students, professionals, businessmen, housewives and even retired people. We believe that in order to make money what we really need is passion and willingness.

-    Level 1 & Level 2 to complete this entire course. 
-    Level 1 is completely FREE
-    Level 1 is to build your solid foundation of Intraday trading
-    Level 2 is to get specific Intraday strategies and risk management
-    Coaching approach rather than teachers 
-    Practical, Market-Oriented and to the point knowledge
-    No prior knowledge of finance required. 

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Course Curriculum

Welcome Note
Intraday Trading for Beginners - Video 1
Intraday Trading for Beginners - Video 2
Intraday Trading for Beginners - Video 3
Intraday Trading for Beginners - Video 4
Intraday Trading for Beginners - Video 5
Intraday Trading for Beginners - Video 6
Intraday Trading for Beginners - Video 7
Intraday Trading for Beginners - Video 8
Intraday Trading for Beginners - Video 9
Intraday Trading for Beginners - Video 10

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Paisa To Banega is an education initiative started by Chetan Mirani and Bhavesh Bhavsar. We believe that a common person can build wealth and make money. It is unfortunate that schools and colleges do not teach about money, business and wealth. Most of the people are financially and money illiterate. Our aim is to reach out to people in India and educate them for money, finance, stock market and wealth. We provide coaching through educational programs and we share our research to enhance knowledge.


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