Intraday Trading Strategies

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Why this course?


We hope that you have completed Intraday Strategies Basic course to know all the basics of Intraday. 

In this course, we have included practical and to the point Intraday strategies and Risk Management methods for the traders. 

When we were going through our Intraday journey as traders both Chetan and Bhavesh realized that we need the strategies which can help us earn smart profit over the long term. 

As Intraday traders, we realized the important of risk management system. If your risk management system is solid, then you will easily make profit. You do not have to run after tips and you do not have to be depend on anyone. 

Whether you are a student, a housewife, a self-employed person or a full time employed professional – these strategies are suitable for anyone who has passion and willingness to make progress in the life

This course includes:

-    4 Intraday Strategies
-    Risk Management Methods
-    Loss Management Guidance
-    Monthly Income Guidance
-    Mindset Training for Intraday
-    Smart Intraday Techniques

You would be able to know entry points, exit points, stop loss placements, profit booking methods, position sizing and so on. You will also learn very important concepts about how to think about trading, how to train your mind and which techniques you can use to make your journey easy. 

We only hope that traders take their journey seriously. Strategies give satisfactory results when traders apply them on consistent basis. We all have learned probability in our school life and we have seen that the same probability applies in trading too. 

The reason why some traders quit is because they expect the results too much early. They take early decisions to quit the trading without realizing that the challenges that they are facing are just a part of their journey and success is on their way.

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Course Curriculum

Welcome Note
Motivation for Stock Market
Monthly Income Master
Important Concepts of Stock Market
ORB Pro Master Guide
What is required to become Master in Intraday - Video 1
Do you want Big Profit or Small Loss - Video 2
Counter Trading - Video 3
Risk Management in Intraday - Video 4
Quantity Distribution - Video 5
Accuracy Addiction & Risk Reward Ratio - Video 6
Probability in Trading - Video 7
Techniques in Trading - Video 8
Mindset & Discipline in Trading - Video 9
OHL Intraday Strategy
OHL Intraday Strategy PDF
Stock Reversal Intraday Strategy
Stock Reversal Intraday Strategy PDF
Intraday Pivot Point Range Breakout Strategy
Pivot Point Range Breakout Strategy PDF
Intraday Pre Open Breakout Strategy
Pre-Open Range Breakout Strategy PDF

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