Basics of Stock Market

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Why this course?


This FREE course is designed for the everyday people from the different walks of life and want to learn about the Basics of Stock Market. 

-    You do NOT need any knowledge of Finance to attend this course
-    You do NOT need any expertise to attend this course
-    You do NOT need any knowledge of stock market to attend this course
-    ANYONE – Self Employed, Businessman, Student, Housewife, Student can attend this course.

This course will help you learn more than 200 plus concepts about the Stock market. This course is in a very simple language which will boost your confidence and will motivate you to learn about the stock market, trade in it and invest in it. 

We have FREE courses worth Rs 1,00,000 to help people who are passionate and serious about the stock market. 

You will be able to know what is the stock market, why we need it, what people do in stock market, how money is made into the stock market, why people make too much money from the stock market, how people losses from the stock market, how to trade in the stock market, how to invest into the stock market and lots of such basic questions with their answers. 

If your fundamental knowledge about any subject is solid, then you can become an expert. So this course is your foundation of the stock market.

This course is designed from the viewpoint of COACHING and not TEACHING. This means Paisa To Banega is your COACH. A Teacher may just help you to pass the exams, a Coach builds your life, a Coach builds your character and brings the best out of you. We believe in COACHING.

So start your journey today, and if you have an doubts or questions then do contact us via WhatsApp or Email. 

We wish you the best. 

Course Curriculum

Welcome Note
Logic of Stocks (Shares) and IPO and Other Common Terminologies
What is Market? What is Sensex, Nifty and Sectoral Indices?
How to Read Stocks?
Trading VS Investment
Types of Trading - Intraday and Swing Trading
Types of Trading - Futures and Options
What is Technical Analysis?
Ways of Earning by Investment & Investment Analysis
Brokerage and Margins
Main Economic Events in Stock Market
What is Market Cycle?
Mutual Funds and ETF (Exchange Traded Fund)
Practical Example of Wealth Creation from Stock Market
Taxes in Stock Market
Various Resourses for Stock Market Information
Mentality and Mindset in Stock Market

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Paisa To Banega is an education initiative started by Chetan Mirani and Bhavesh Bhavsar. We believe that a common person can build wealth and make money. It is unfortunate that schools and colleges do not teach about money, business and wealth. Most of the people are financially and money illiterate. Our aim is to reach out to people in India and educate them for money, finance, stock market and wealth. We provide coaching through educational programs and we share our research to enhance knowledge.


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